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If you're like most coaches, you chose to become a coach to coach and then discovered that you also need to be a business person too. But if you're not a natural business person, you'll need a bit of guidance to optimise your coaching business. Even if you are a natural business person, you still may need some support in applying what you know to your own business.

It just so happens that coaching someone else through a journey is a very powerful way of learning yourself, so we're tapping into this to give you some business coaching tools that you can use to optimise your coaching business, and which you can also brand and use to coach others on their businesses with.

Just because you don't see yourself as a business person, doesn't mean you can't effectively coach someone else in theirs. However, after this round, having gone through and applied some business coaching processes to your own business, and after having coached another coach to do the same thing, not only will you optimise your business, but you'll also be better equipped to deliver more effective business coaching to others.

The Optimize Your Coaching Business reciprocal peer coaching round is ideal for coaches who:

  1. want/need to make their coaching business more effective;
  2. want/need to review the last business year and get a strategic start on the year of business; and,
  3. want/need ready-made, brand-able business coaching tools to use with business coaching clients.

By joining the ReciproCoach Optimize Your Coaching Business reciprocal peer coaching round you will get access to a suite of paper-based business coaching resources developed by The Coaching Tools Company and designed especially to make a business more effective. The Coaching Tools Company specialises in helping coaches and their businesses flourish, and the ReciproCoach Optimize Your Coaching Business peer coaching round, gives you access to selected resources from The Business Coaching Toolkit.

As a participant in this round, you will actively use these tools to optimize your own business, and to support another coach in doing the same. Plus, you can customize the tools with your own business branding to use with business coaching clients and boost your professional image as well as your business coaching outcomes.

Here's a detailed overview of this round and the business coaching tools included within it:

Session 1: Business goals, vision and mission
Session 2: Reviewing the current situation
Session 3: Business planning
Session 4: Activating your plans
As for all ReciproCoach peer coaching rounds, you will be assigned a coach and a client. Your coach will foster your accountability to Optimize Your Coaching Business, and, to intensify this accountability, you will also coach another coach on the same topic.

Four 45 minute sessions with your coach, four 45 minute sessions with your client. That's 6 solid hours of focusing on optimizing your coaching business.

You will develop a personal understanding of effective business coaching tools and practices, setting you up not only for an effective coaching business, but also for effective business coaching. These are tools that you'll benefit from yourself and then use to support your clients' business success as well.

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