Build your client coaching hours


Many new coaches, as well as experienced coaches nearing a new credential milestone (including ACC, PCC and MCC credentials), come to ReciproCoach to accrue some extra client coaching hours so that they can submit their client coaching hours log.

Each round of ReciproCoach reciprocal peer coaching, involves a pre-determined number of sessions both as a coach and a client. The sessions you give to another coach in our community, are your payment for the sessions you receive as a client.

ReciproCoach sessions are considered "paid" or "compensated" sessions by ICF (International Coach Federation) standards:

Hours of coaching for which the coach receives payment from the client (payment may be in any amount, or barter of goods or services, including coaching in exchange for coaching)
ReciproCoach reciprocal peer coaching sessions are compensated, as you receive coaching in return for the coaching you give. As coaches, we know that this is invaluable compensation, and as ReciproCoach draws upon a database of coaches, our peer coaching is more valuable than your typical buddy or co-coaching relationships as ReciproCoach reciprocal peer coaching ensures the following:

Coaching Fit:

  • You get to specify your preferences for the coach you work with. This helps to ensure that your coach and you have the kind of fit that is necessary to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding relationship.
  • You get to request coaches who you'd particularly like to work with. In so doing, the ReciproCoach system reflects the normal coach selection process where natural chemistry draws you towards someone who you'd like to be coached by.
Coaching Ethics:

  • The ReciproCoach system ensures that you never coach and get coached by the same person. This avoids potential conflicts of interest, and specifically, you don't breach the following point in the coaching code of ethics: "(11) I will only barter for services, goods or other non-monetary remuneration when it will not impair the coaching relationship." (ICF)
  • ReciproCoach monitors the progress of your relationship from beginning to end and if there are any problems along the way, we resolve them. If necessary, we will replace your coach/client assignment with someone else, so that you can can continue your reciprocal peer coaching sessions both as coach and client, without either one affecting the other. Again, this avoids the potential conflicts of interest that arise when coaches set up their own buddy coaching or co-coaching relationships.
ReciproCoach aims to support the coaching standards and ethics that will support the coaching industry/profession itself. Therefore, when you participate in Reciprocoach reciprocal peer coaching, you can be assured that the coaching you give and receive will contribute to your ongoing professional development and support the standards that are building the coaching industry/professional itself.


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