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Each issue of Coaching Research in Practice provides an overview of one piece evidence-based coaching research and its findings, as well as suggested implications/applications for the research findings in your coaching practice.

Most importantly, there's no academic gobbledy-gook and it's rarely longer than one A4 page, making it that much easier to apply the research to your coaching practice.

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Here is a sample of one of our issues, To set goals, or not to set goals? Who gets to decide whether and what?

And below are the titles of all of our issues to date (which are always available to read from the members area):

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    June: Have you heard of Family Life Coaching?

    May: How can coaching change personality?

    April: Does coaching supervision have a role to play in ethical decision-making?

    March: Can career coaching help midlife women achieve work-life balance?

    February: How does leadership stress impact leaders and followers?

    November: When is it better to engage an internal or an external coach?

    October: Does it really matter whether your questions and goals are positively or negatively framed?

    September: Are you inadvertently focusing on problems rather than on solutions?

    August: Group coaching – what works and what doesn’t?

    July: Cross-cultural coaching – much ado about nothing?

    June: How do coaches navigate the boundary between coaching and counselling?

    May: What does the future of workplace coaching look like?

    April: Which coach behaviours influence coachee performance and the coaching relationship?

    March: Could your clients benefit from more playful coaching?

    February: What makes metaphors useful?

    November: How does listening shape the coaching dialogue?

    October: Why is supervision for coaches becoming increasingly mandated?

    September: What makes workplace telephone coaching complex?

    August: Are you missing transformational shifts in your coaching sessions?

    July: How do coaches arrive at a ‘good’ coaching question?

    June: How does client readiness influence coaching?

    May: Being empathic – what does it really mean in coaching?

    April: What are some negative effects of being a coach?

    March: Which conversational identities do coaches adopt during sessions?

    February: What are typical characteristics of coachingprocess?

    November: What are the deciding factors for effective workplace coaching?

    October: Why not focus on "why" when coaching?

    September: Where is coaching regulation headed?

    August: What is the actual impact of managerial coaching?

    July: How and why do coaches deceive themselves?

    June: If you can’t measure coaching skills, how will you improve?

    May: How valid is NLP and how does it relate to coaching?

    April: Are you taking advantage of coachable moments?

    March: Does goal-setting form a part of every coaching engagement?

    February: How much of a difference can strengths-based coaching make?

    November: Need a fresh approach to coaching on time management?

    October: Why e-coaching, why now, and why not?

    September: How many times have you coached on procrastination?

    August: Are your clients’ personal systems aligned with their visions?

    July: So you think your coaching is transformational?

    June: How does humanistic psychology and self-determination theory influence coaching?

    May: What kind of coaching relationship best predicts coaching success?

    April: Are you adequately prepared for group coaching?

    March: To set goals, or not to set goals? Who gets to decide whether and what?

    February: Why combine coaching with physical activity?

    November: Emotional intelligence and coaching – what is their combined impact?

    October: Are you facilitating linear change or quantum change?

    September: What are the peaks and pitfalls of coaching on the phone? (Part 2)

    August: What are the peaks and pitfalls of coaching on the phone? (Part 1)

    July: Do dominant coaches experience more success?

    June: What is the impact of coach training and coaching clients on coaches?

    April: Improvise or stick to a coaching model?

    March: Courage and coaching - is there a link?

    January: Phone coaching or face toface - which is more effective?

    November: How to coach and train, without overdoing one or the other?

    October: How do your deepest beliefs affect your coaching?

    August: Do your clients know what they REALLY want?

    July: What does it really mean to be a solutionfocused coach?

    June: How strengths focused is your coaching?

    May: Do life events impact your coaching? (Part 2)

    April: Do life events impact your coaching? (Part 1)

    March: Where are we really at in coaching?

    February: What to do with your clients' stories?

    January: How does self-determination theory relate to coaching?

    November: How thick is your coaching skin?

    October: How to DO non-judgement

    September: Mastery = Artistry + Knowledge + Evidence (MAKE)

    August: Is your coaching as effective as you think it is?

    July: How vulnerable are you as a coach?

    June: Why learning VS performance goal orientation matters

    May: Coaching as a profession - are you 'in' or 'out'?

    April Do emotions belong in coaching?

    March Are your clients experiencing 'flow' during sessions?

    February: Coaching Process - Research in the making!

    January: How do you measure your clients' progress?

    November: Are your clients actually ready for coaching?

    October: Forming a coaching relationship

    September: Making sense through coaching

    August: Group Coaching - Are you really doing it?

    July: Are you a liberated coach?

    June: Strengthen your coaching with mindfulness training

    May: Is your "inner game" interfering in your clients' sessions?

    April: Quality control in coaching

    March: 8 variables in the change process

    December: Knowing your coaching limits

    November: Keeping coaches honest with coaching supervision

    October: Self-doubt in coaching

    September: Fitting your coaching to your client

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