The Coaching Wheel


The Coaching Wheel is the millennium edition of The Wheel of Life, only this millennium it's online and it's no longer limited to "life". You can customise the title of the wheel and its segments to suit your coaching niche. You can even adjust the colour to suit your website. Don't have a website? That doesn't matter, you don't actually need one to use it.

The Coaching Wheel is paperless (so you get some greenie points and your client gets instant access) and both you and your clients get a copy of the results automatically by email. You can easily file these in folder in your email client, avoiding the paper-pile and because there's always a copy stored in your admin area, you can never lose important client information.

The Coaching Wheel is effective in gaining new clients, sustaining existing clients and retaining returning clients, and after you've set it up (which can take as little as five minutes), it literally requires zero time. How? Read on...

Coaching Wheel
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--> Gaining new clients with your Coaching Wheel
Put a link to your Coaching Wheel on your public website and anonymous visitors to your website who would normally pass through become actual prospects, with whom you can begin building a relationship with. The Coaching Wheel then serves to highlight to your new prospect any need for coaching, your first step in promoting client readiness and coincidentally, the first step in making a sale. The Coaching Wheel makes complimentary sessions almost redundant, all that's usually needed is a quick chat to schedule the first session and because you've already ascertained the need, you can get right into coaching and charge for the session. The best thing about the Coaching Wheel is that it gives your clients and prospects instant benefits and, because they get something from it, they're eager to pass on the benefits to others by forwarding the link, making your referral process seamless.

Sustaining existing clients with your Coaching Wheel
If they haven't already done it themselves, get your clients to do your Coaching Wheel prior to beginning coaching and this serves to build their awareness, the pre-cursor to change. This is a head-start in the coaching process and, if you get them to do it again throughout and on completion of coaching, not only do your clients get the benefits of monitoring their own progress, but you can use the results as statistics for proving the efficacy of your coaching.

Maintain returning clients with your Coaching Wheel
If you encourage your clients to use your Coaching Wheel regularly after their coaching is complete, not only do your clients get added value from your coaching long after coaching has ended, but you also have a time efficient means of maintaining a continuing relationship with them. As a result, if ever their wheel starts getting a little wonky again in the future, they're more likely to call you sooner rather than later.

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