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Reflection is a key component of the coaching process. In fact, the process of reflection begins even before the first session with the Intake Form. Your Intake Form kicks off your clients' deep reflection by asking questions that many clients have never stopped to consider before. Ideally, your Intake Form (not the first session) is your clients' first experience with coaching, so it makes sense to ensure sure your intake process makes a good impression!

Online Intake Forms enhance your professional credibility.
The online Intake Form looks professional. Don't be surprised when your clients actually comment on how professional your paperwork process is! Research shows that your level of professionalism actually boosts clients' trust in you as a coach and, when shopping around, this influences their decision on which coach to choose. This means that, to some degree, your clients will be coming to you with more or less trust, based on the quality of your Intake Form.

Choose your own questions or use our suggested questions.
First the Intake Form collects standard information from your clients (e.g. name, address, DOB), then, you can use our 25 suggested questions or create up to 50 of your own. Change them whenever you like, fix up typos instantly, add new questions or take uninformative questions out. Absolutely no geek knowledge is necessary to do all of this - all you need to know is how to click a few buttons. Your business name appears on the website and all of your business details are automatically emailed to your client along with their answers as soon as they fill it in. Of course, you get a copy too!

Coaching Intake Forms
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--> In addition to the professional advantages of online Intake Forms, here are some ways in which they'll also make your life easier:

They're easy to send.
Instead of emailing your clients awkward attachments, send them a simple link in an email. All they have to do is click on it and your Intake Form appears in front of them instantaneously. Some clients have liked the online Intake Form so much that they have forwarded the link to their friends - how's that for easy referrals!

You actually get them back on time.
Clients put off opening email attachments, and notably, traditional coaching intake forms come in the form of Word attachments. Clients also procrastinate in filling in lengthy forms. To make it worse, when they do eventually fill them in, they often can't remember where they saved them on their computer or they forget to attach them to the return email! Online Intake Forms are different. Most people find filling out a web form relatively simple and are quick to fill them in. In fact, they often do it as soon as the link arrives in their inbox. Plus, because each question is displayed on screen one at a time, they don't get a chance to get daunted by the length of the form. Instead, they start it right away, with the option to email themselves the questions and their answers (of which you get a copy) if they run out of time or want to reflect a little more.

They're easy to read.
Every time a new client fills in your Intake Form, you get notification by email and receive a copy of their answers to your questions. Your clients do too! The emails arrive in a standard format that is easy to read straight from your computer making for paperless coaching. If you do want to print your Intake Forms out, you can do this at the click of a button from your email or from your admin area where the form is stored.

They're easy to keep.
Set up a folder in your inbox for each client, and as soon as you receive their completed Intake Form by email, it takes a second to flick it into the right place. No wasted time on fiddly attachments! And if you happen to have a computer crash and lose data, all of your clients' Intake Forms are stored in and accessible from your Intake Form Admin Area at any time. From here, you can view all your clients' Intake Forms online in a clear and easy-to-print format whenever you like.

You don't even have to have a website or any technical knowledge!
Believe it or not, you don't even have to have a website. We provide you with a web link and you just email it to your clients. No geek knowledge is necessary, because all your clients need is the link that we provide you with. You just email it to them.

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