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Reflection is a key component of the coaching process. Session Reflections Forms deepen clients' reflection and give you vital feedback on your clients' experience during sessions. Clients who reflect on sessions, get more out of coaching as a whole. Coaches who implement session reflection forms keep their fingers on the pulse of their clients' progress. You are both clear on and have a shared record of the outcomes of each session. Like online Prep Forms coaches like the ease of online Reflection Forms.

They're easy to send.
Instead of emailing your clients awkward attachments, send them a simple link in an email and tell them to bookmark it. Voila! They've got their Reflection Form at their fingertips whenever they need it.

Your clients actually fill them in!
Many coaches don't use Session Reflection Forms because they have a hard enough time getting their clients to fill in Session Prep Forms. But unlike most coaching forms that clients put off until the last minute and often don't send back at all, clients fill in online coaching forms more frequently, reliably and quickly. Why? Most people find filling out a web form relatively simple and are are quick to click a link and a few buttons. When they do, both you and your clients get a copy of the answers by email!

Boost accountability as well as the reflective process.
Reflection is a cornerstone in the process of learning in coaching. Research shows that the more you increase your clients' opportunities for reflection, the more they will learn and their results will be proportional (Griffiths, 2008). The reflective process is deepened when clients reflect after sessions, rather than running of to their next appointment. Plus, depending on your questions, online Reflection Forms can act as your accountability safety net, ensuring that you monitor your clients' progress in between sessions by making sure you are both clear on the action they intend to take as a result of the coaching you have given them.

You don't even have to have a website or any technical knowledge!
Believe it or not, you don't even have to have a website. We provide you with a web link and you just email it to your clients. No geek knowledge is necessary, because all your clients need is the link that we provide you with. You just email it to them.

Session Reflection Form
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--> Online Reflection Forms make your life easier.
When you get them back, they're easy to read. If you're lucky enough to get a home-made Word-formatted form returned after a sessioin, it's usually hard to read because your clients have upset all your precious formatting and the completed form takes reams of paper to print out! But online Reflection Forms are emailed to you in a standard format that is easy to read straight from your computer making for paperless coaching. If you do want to print it out, you can do this at the click of a button from your email or from your admin area where the form is stored. And there's another benefit...

Yippee! No more filing.
Every time a new client fills in your Reflection Form, you get notification by email and receive a copy of their answers to your questions. Set up a folder in your inbox for each client, and as soon as you receive it by email, it takes a second to flick it into the right place. No wasted time on fiddly attachments! You can even set up an automatic filing rule in your email client using the subject and their name. And if you happen to have a computer crash and lose data, all of your clients' Reflection Forms are stored in and accessible from your admin area at any time. From here, you can view all your clients' Reflection Forms online in a clear and easy-to-print format whenever you like. So you may even prefer to just delete your emails entirely and make a habit of checking your admin area prior to each session making absolute zero filing! This kind of set-up makes completion sessions a breeze as the outcomes of each session are summarized and saved form-by-form.

Choose your own questions or use suggested questions.
Use our suggested questions or create up to 25 of your own. Change them whenever you like, fix up typos instantly, add new questions (up to 25 in total) or take uninformative questions out. Absolutely no geek knowledge is necessary to do all of this - all you need to know is how to click a few buttons. Your business name appears on the website and your contact details are emailed to your client along with their answers whenever they fill it in.

They enhance your professional credibility.
The online Reflection Form looks professional and clients actually comment how professional your paperwork process is. Research shows that your level of professionalism actually boosts clients' trust in you as a coach.

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