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Too many coaches are paying too much for their website. Are you one of them? Other coaches don't have a website at all, because they don't know what to buy. Perhaps you are one of them?

A ReciproCoach Web Profile allows non-coaches to find you on the World Wide Web. This is great if you don't yet have a website, if you have a website that's not paying its way, if you can't update your existing website yourself or if you want to give new prospects the added confidence of seeing that you're an Approved Coach with feedback and testimonials from other coaches whom you have coached.

Even if you have a website already, a ReciproCoach Web Profile is still useful, because you can link your existing website to it for added credibility or as a SPAM prevention method. Each Web Profile explains what an approved coach means and has an integrated online contact form so you never have to put your email address on the web for all the spammers to capitalise on again. Plus, any other client resources you have are listed at the bottom of your profile under the heading Client Resources, with easy click-through links to give your clients easy access to everything they need to begin or continue coaching with you.

Click here to see what a live ReciproCoach Web Profile looks like.

The best thing is that ReciproCoach Web Profiles can be created at the click of a button. No more wasting sessions being coached around how to fit into your life the tens of hours it takes to launch a website from scratch and no more letting the absence or out-datedness of a website hold you back from attracting new clients. In moments, you can literally be on the web and forever after you can update your website in seconds. Your web profile address will appear like this: www.reciprocoach.com/yourusername

Of course, "yourusername" is totally configurable by you, so you can change it to your first and last name, your business name or anything you like (as long as it's not already in use by someone else). Plus, because your existing ReciproCoach profile (viewable only by coaches from the ReciproCoach members area) may not be quite the same as the profile you'd use for normal, non-coach clients, your heading, introduction, areas of expertise and available coaching times are also configurable. You can put your new ReciproCoach web address on your business card or email it to people.

If you have a domain name with your own name e.g. www.yourname.com, you can redirect/forward it to your ReciproCoach profile. By doing this, your can use your own domain name and your clients won't even notice the ReciproCoach part of the address. If you cloak/mask it, they'll never see it at all! If you don't have your own domain yet, we recommend it. It costs very little and is worth claiming it before someone else does. Click here to purchase a domain name that can be forwarded to your ReciproCoach web profile. The domain registrar provided is our own web hosting provider. We've been around awhile and they're the easiest to use with unbeatable technical support.

To activate your subscription to a Web Profile, login to the ReciproCoach members area and go to:


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