International scheduling and scheduling across timezones


If you're working with a coaching colleague in another timezone, scheduling doesn't have to be difficult.

There are a range of resources to help you manage your appointments and make sure you both turn up at the same time. We've provided some options below, which you can try and see which works best for you.

Our favourite tool is the local times converter shown below.

the local times converter

The local times converter works well if you want to see what time it is in different parts of the world at different times throughout the day. Once you add your favourite locations, you can bookmark that URL so you can go back to it easily with re-selecting your locations again. The only disadvantage with this converter is that the date doesn't always seem to work e.g. you can select a date in advance and it still shows the time conversions of today, rather than those of the future date. It's fine if you know there are no time changes coming up, but you may want to double check appointments if you're scheduling a session after an anticipated time change.

If you want to schedule in advance and be sure you've got the right time, even after any time changes, we suggest using the world clock meeting planner shown below. You can set the date and the locations. It's a little harder to read than the local times converter, but the future date/time setting is reliable.

the world clock meeting planner

Finally, there are several options for international scheduling if you use a digital calendar. There are many digital calendars available, and here we will provide information for using the timezone features of ical and google calendar.

Here is a two minute video to show you how to switch between timezones in ical Mac calendar:

Here is a two minute video to show you how to see an appointment in a different timezones in Google Calendar:

Whichever method of international scheduling you choose, making sure you're scheduling reliably ensures you are working with your ReciproCoach colleagues reliably, but it also sets you up for working with intentional clients confidently.


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