Reciprocal peer coaching


We're pretty sure a quick read of our ReciproCoaches' testimonials will convince you to join the next round of reciprocal peer coaching, but if you prefer, here's a list of how reciprocal peer coaching supports new and experienced coaches alike:

And if you like to know what you're in for, before you dive in, here's how it works:

  1. You sign up for a reciprocal peer coaching round of your choice. Each round includes a certain number of sessions within a certain period of time.
  2. You specify what kind of coach you'd like and also submit some requests for the coaches you'd prefer to work with. While we can't make any guarantees, we think we do a pretty good job at arranging a good fit (and our members think so too, just look at the testimonials).
  3. We assign you a coach and a client (two different people) and email you their contact details.
  4. You schedule sessions together with your coach and your client (separately) and carry out the sessions, just as you would in a normal fee-paying coaching relationship.
  5. We check on you to make sure everyone gives and receives the same number of sessions.
  6. You update your progress as you go via our online system, so that we don't need to nag you.
  7. You leave feedback to tell us how everything went.
  8. You value the experience so much, that you make peer coaching a part of your regular professional development schedule.

You pay us for our part in the above service, not for the coaching you receive. You pay for the coaching you receive by giving coaching to another coach in our community. Therefore, the financial outlay for reciprocal peer coaching is very minimal, as you're only paying us a coordination fee, rather than paying a coach for his/her time every session.

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