Mentoring is an essential part of every coach's regular professional development. It's also a necessary component of applying for an ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential. Yet unfortunately, mentor coaching an be quite expensive, so many coaches only engage in it when they have to.

The ReciproCoach mentoring program utilises the power of a collaborative, international coaching network to make mentor coaching easily affordable. Not only does this allow coaches to engage in mentor coaching regularly, but it also allows coaches to get the 10 required ICF credential mentor coaching hours for less than $300.

At ReciproCoach, mentor coaching involves a mentor listening to the mentee coach and providing verbal and written feedback to the mentee based on the ICF core competencies (or another coaching criteria as agreed by mentor and mentee). At ReciproCoach, because of the reciprocal nature of our mentor program, you learn as the mentee, and you also have the opportunity to learn as a mentor.

ReciproCoach provides two modes of mentoring:

In our group mentoring sessions, you and up to nine other coaches work together with a selected mentor. You listen to recordings of group members' coaching, or observe them coaching live, and then you examine the coaching through the lens of a selected criteria such as the ICF core competencies, the IAC masteries, or another specialized coaching focus. Our group mentors are selected for their qualifications and for the top performance rankings given by their mentees. You, your peers and your mentor are provided with support resources to scaffold the learning in your mentoring sessions.

In our individual mentoring rounds, you work as both a mentor and mentee. You receive mentoring from one ReciproCoach, and in return, give mentoring to another ReciproCoach. We recommend you participate in one of our group mentoring sessions first, so you understand how to work as another coach's mentor. In addition, we provide you with support resources to guide you in your role as mentor.

Here's a list of how ReciproCoach mentoring supports new and experienced coaches alike:

We recommend you take a quick glance at the testimonials ReciproCoaches have left about their mentoring experiences. We're pretty sure these will inspire you to sign up for a future round of reciprocal peer mentoring.

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