Official Referrers


Coaching schools, associations, networks, publications and web sites and businesses specializing in coaching products and services throughout the world are telling their coaches about the opportunities ReciproCoach offers to new coaches to develop confidence and to mature coaches to continually deepen their skills. If you are reading this, you have likely already referred numerous coaches to our community and would we like to thank you for this. We'd also like you to consider becoming an Official Referrer.

Why become a ReciproCoach Official Referrer?

What are the requirements of becoming a ReciproCoach Official Referrer?

  • Your school, association, network, publication or web site or businesses specializing in coaching products and services must have a comprehensive website.
  • As a ReciproCoach Official Referrer, the majority your coaches must receive consistently positive feedback from other ReciproCoaches. If at any time a large proportion of your coaches consistently receive negative feedback from other ReciproCoaches, you will no longer be entitled the status of a ReciproCoach Official Referrer. In such cases, all existing referrals will continue to earn for the agreed term.

    For more information, or if you'd like to become an Official Referrer, contact us.
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