Clean Language Training Round


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Many coaches have heard about Clean Language, but most are yet to tap into its power. Indeed, Clean Language is a versatile tool for finding out out what people are really thinking and feeling, and for deepening the connection between people.

Even more importantly, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, Clean Language is also an effective way to help people to change - in coaching, in therapy, or in a range of other situations.

Thanks to our collaboration with Judy Rees, Clean Language expert, author, facilitator, trainer and assessor, this Clean Language Training Round will give you access to Judy's online course, Clean Language Essentials For Coaches.

Six 30-minute virtual video classes (on demand, not live), will train you in six specific techniques from David Grove's Clean Language and show you how you can use them to improve your practical results with your clients, alongside your existing coaching models and approaches.

Combine this with 6 sessions of peer coaching both as a coach and a client, working with two different people for a total of 12 sessions, you'll get to to apply and experientially deepen your learning as you go.

The Clean Language Training Round is ideal for you if you want to:

Here's a detailed overview what you'll learn:

And remember, in addition the training videos, you'll have six 30 minute sessions with your coach, and six 30 minute recorded sessions with your client. That's 6 solid hours of applying your Clean Language learning in a safe peer coaching environment, before you give Clean Language a try it in your wider coaching practice!

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join a Clean Language group mentoring session together with Judy Rees. This session will give you the opportunity to get expert feedback on yours or learn from feedback from others' use of Clean Language within coaching sessions.

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