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I would really love to encourage other coaches to experience ReciproCoach for so many reasons but especially as you get to coach people you may never have experienced in different fields, roles, approaches and they coach you. There is such a richness and access to such professionalism, wide base of knowledge and experience. I just love how it is stretching/expanding me in so many ways.

Liz Gow, New Zealand, 2014

Fantastic place for coaches of all experience and styles to share, learn and grow. The team is supportive and attentive with genuine care about every member's needs.

Xiaolin Li, Singapore, 2013

I would urge all new coaches to take advantage of Reciprocoach and use the tools given to gain more experience and the priceless opportunities to give back is well worth the rewards. Besides learning and growing within the community the best that I have received from being a member of Reciprocoach is meeting new people. You form a bond and a friendship like no other. I appreciate and respect the folks here for their professionalism and look forward to networking and greeting new coaches in the future.

Linda Simms, United States, 2013

As a ReciproCoach member for the last 3 years, I still continue to reap value not only from the regular coaching sessions but the resources are also proving to be highly valuable with all my coaching clients.

Patricia Comolet, Germany, 2013

RecripoCoach is an organization unlike any I have experienced. More than the excellent purpose and processes put into place for a smooth organization Peer Coaching, Mentoring or Supervision, I just love expanding my network with like-minded, intellectually challenging, creative and professionally trained coaches. If you love being a coach, you'll love being a member of ReciproCoach.

Maureen Bridget, France, 2013

This is an excellent way to explore other coaching styles whilst getting amazing support for yourself as a coachee. I was surprised at how much value I got from being both coach and coachee from just 8 short sessions.

Jennie Hill, Australia, 2013

Recipro-Coach is a wonderful and very worthwhile opportunity to make contact with coaches and coachees the world over and to hone one's coaching skills in a safe environment, whilst also getting the reciprocal opportunity to be coached by quality coaches who bring new perspectives to one's life journey. It is also a way to forge new global friendships. Definitely highly recommended.

Madi Hanekom, South Africa, 2012

Recipro offers a great opportunity for to expand skills as a coach as well as gain excellent coaching on personal issues. I've "met" coaches all over the world and have grown in respect and appreciation for our profession!

Katrina Ogilby, USA, 2012

Reciprocoach helps you roll up your sleeves and get working, all while doing it in a safe "reciprocating" environment.

Joe Schafer, USA, 2012

Quality coaches, quality insights. A great way to keep your professional development up to date, and continue to inspire you as a coach/coachee.

Christina Moscovis, Australia, 2012

Coaching other coaches is a unique opportunity to strengthen coaching skills and practice engagement with diverse clients. Receiving coaching from coaches with diverse backgrounds and training was also stimulating personally and professionally.

Suzanne, USA, 2012

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience coaching clients from a variety of backgrounds. It is also a chance to experience the benefits of various coaching styles and trainings for an affordable price. There is so much to learn from this community of coaches.

Participant of 2012 North American Coaching Round 1

ReciproCoach is a great way to grow yourself, your skills, and your confidence in coaching. I think it should be mandatory for all coaching students.

Nora Whalen, USA, 2012

ReciproCoach is a brilliant way to hone your own developing Coaching skills, whether you are new to Coaching or sagely seasoned. It also offers you a way to reciprocate by experiencing the Coaching styles of other coaches and observe many new perspectives toward becoming a Master Coach.

Janna, USA, 2012

ReciproCoach is beneficial on many levels. Practice coaching, being coached and experiencing different kinds of coaching. Learning about techniques and learning about yourself. Networking and staying in touch with like minded people. I highly recommend it.

Gordon Sanderson, Australia, 2011

ReciproCoach enables me to connect with both coaches and clients that I would not have connected with otherwise. Most of the matches have been a great fit, both as client and coach, and I've totally enjoyed them. I would highly recommend becoming part of this community.

Deb Kolb, New Zealand, 2011

This is my third round with ReciproCoach. It is a great platform to continue your coaching practice and extend your skill set. I have recommended it to a number of coaches because of the fabulous experiences I have enjoyed to date. I intend to continue with ReciproCoach as long as it is available. I look forward to every round with eager anticiaption. There is so much to learn and so much enjoyment in meeting other coaches in this online forum. Don't be without it!

Robin Fingher, Australia, 2011

ReciproCoach is the only place I know where you simply learn by doing. No matter which level of coaching you have reached, you get higher, you get challenged, you become aware, you have a good time. Just let me know whether you know a better place.

Klaus Nienhaus, Bali, 2011

Have a go it is very worth it. Although I have been coaching for many years now, I found the process a fabulous learning opportunity. Have go!

Julie Nagle, Australia, 2011

I've participated in ReciproCoach from the very start of my coaching through my credentialling process. With every client I've learned and grown as a coach. I've received some amazing coaching which allowed me to explore facets of my life that would never have been touched without ReciproCoach.

Katherine Everitt-Newton, UK, 2011

I enjoyed my first ReciproCoach round very much and learned a lot, both as a 'client' in my own life and as a 'coach' by observing her coaching technique and style.

Tatiana Abend, Spain, 2010

Fantastic! The match... was perfect. I am delighted with my decision to participate in ReciproCoach mentor coaching program!

Participant of a 2010 3hr round

I really enjoyed this coaching experience. It was quite easy to coach someone in a different country using Skype. I enjoyed working with someone from a different coaching "school", it opened my eyes to other approaches to the coaching conversation.

Participant of a 2010 International round

This was a great coaching experience and my client and I will stay in touch. I also feel extremely fortunate to have been matched with my coach who is proving to be an exceptional coach.

Clare Somers, UK

Off to do a session with my Reciprocoach in London in a 1/2 hour and wanted to pass this along. Lots of great chances for you to get coached (virtually for free) in the next few months. I've loved seeing different styles of coaching, as well as having the benefit of being coached frequently. There are new mentoring and supervision rounds starting too that sound way cool.

Sarah Miller Novak, United States, www.envisionlifecoaching.net

I have had the great fortune to participate in ReciproCoach as a Coach and Client on five rounds. What I love about ReciproCoach is that it is a unique process that makes coaching available to any coach and provides the opportunity to coach other coaches nationally or internationally. It gave me the opportunity to personally experience four different coaching styles and I retained the best of each style. My five international ReciproCoach clients were truly inspirational and the learning experience was mutual. If you haven't considered ReciproCoach as an option yet, I strongly encourage you for the value you gain and create in the process.

Elisabeth Gortschacher, MCC, Australia, www.eeg-coaching.com.au

As a coach myself I am really committed to being coached and growing myself and my business. ReciproCoach offers coaches a fantastic opportunity to walk the talk and regularly put themselves through the challenges, insights, discovery and development that we do with our clients each week. Despite having never met my ReciproCoach we built an instant rapport and I was gifted not only her great coaching skills but got to experience a coaching style different from my own and learned from things that she modelled brilliantly. With all the rigour and integrity offered from ReciproCoach I had a great first experience and I look forward to signing up again soon!

Joanna Brill, Singapore

ReciproCoach allows me to connect with other coaches that I probably would have never met otherwise. I have received some very good coaching and it allows me to do more of what I love so much and that is to coach. My experience has been wonderful with reciprocoaching and all of my clients and coaches of late! Still receiving thank you notes for past clients! Love this experience and love the fact you paired me so often with the UK. I am planning on attending the ICF global conference there in 2012 to meet with my new friends!!!

Judith Geiger, ACC, USA www.flyingchangecoaching.com

ReciproCoach is great. I learnt heaps from both my coaches and client. You can choose whether you want national or international coaches. My last 'client' was in Germany and had 12 years of coaching experience. Still he told me he learnt a lot from me as I came from another country and had a different style of coaching which he really liked. I am still in touch with the 2 people who have coached me so far as we got on really well.

Christie Pinto, Australia, www.clearhorizons.biz

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching relationship and I am thankful for the coaching support. My coach helped me mostly in sharpening my business acumen and by doing so, helped my personal relationship with my wife.

Rocky Romero, USA, www.profitcoaching.com

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of experiencing ReciproCoach! I am thrilled with my coach and my client also seems to be getting a lot out of our coaching sessions! This is a very worthwhile experience that I have recommended and will continue to recommend to other coaches!

Odile HBH Williams, Australia

What you've created with ReciproCoach is fantastic - such a brilliant concept. And I feel most fortunate to have connected with such a brilliant ReciproCoach and coachee for my first round!

Jacki Nicholas, Singapore, www.insideout-consulting.com

ReciproCoach is great and I love it. Thank you for launching such a wonderful initiative!

Irit Brodsky, USA

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