Where we came from


ReciproCoach, originally known as Contra Coaching, started out in 2005 as an initiative of Kerryn Griffiths together with the local members the Brisbane ICF (International Coach Federation) chapter.


Contra Coaching quickly spread nationally and internationally. It received support from the ICF Australasia and was adopted as an ICF SIG (Special Interest Group). During this time, participation was free for ICF members and before long, there were coaches from North America, Europe, the UK and Asia engaging in reciprocal coaching (coaching and being coached by each other) all year round.


With growing popularity, a website needed to be built to accommodate new Contra Coaches. Inspired by her experiences using online dating websites (!), Kerryn Griffiths designed and developed a website that would enable her to facilitate professional "match-making" for hundreds of coaches around the world. With its success, she soon developed a complementary reciprocal mentoring system to further accelerate coaching competence.


Thanks to generous support from The Coaching Commons, together with The Harnisch Foundation, the ReciproCoach website now appears in its third edition and is able to accommodate and catalyse the personal and professional develop thousands of coaches.


Kerryn Griffiths still leads and coordinates the ReciproCoach program for coaches around the world. There are now multiple rounds starting every month, and coaches may select rounds based on location or experience, or enjoy the famous "lucky dip" of general rounds.


The ReciproCoach program would not be what it is today, without the community itself, the hundreds of coaches who have supported its development, both energetically and financially. Many coaches have been "reciprocoaching" for years and have patiently accepted less than perfect (and let's face it, down right frustrating!) websites and technical bugs for years. Coaches who join ReciproCoach now and long into the future owe you a BIG thanks for sharing the vision!


Thanks to our Supporters