Creating the Coaching Agreement


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Creating the Coaching Agreement (Competency 2 of the ICF Core Competencies) is considered by many coaches to be the most important part of an effective and successful coaching session.

Creating the Coaching Agreement is not just about establishing guidelines for the coaching relationship. Creating the Coaching Agreement is the foundation of each and every coaching session and the more effective your creation of the coaching agreement, the more successful the session.

Thanks to our collaboration with Fran Fisher, MCC and ICF assessor, the Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round will support you in learning how to effectively and consistently create the coaching agreement in each and every coaching conversation. It draws upon three audios from Fran's My Portable Mentor resource.

Of the 17 My Portable Mentor audios, 3 relate to Creating the Coaching Agreement. They cover six key elements for establishing a highly effective and empowering coaching agreement for a specific coaching conversation. These are elements that your ICF Performance Assessment assessors listen for when you submit recordings for your credential application.

In addition, you'll get two bonus audios which demonstrate Fran Fisher, MCC creating a coaching agreement with two different clients. These audios are not normally included in the My Portable Mentor resource, but are included in this Peer Coaching Round.

Of course, given this is a Peer Coaching Round, you will also be assigned a coach and client (two different people) to apply and experientially deepen your learning. You will give and receive 6 x 30min recorded coaching sessions, thereby having the opportunity to create an agreement with your client six times, experience your coach's creation of the agreement six times, and listen to the recordings in arrears to improve your process.

The Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round is ideal for you if you want to:

Here's a detailed overview of this round:

Six 30 minute sessions with your coach, six 30 minute recorded sessions with your client. That's 6 solid hours of focusing on effectively creating a coaching agreement.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join a Creating the Coaching Agreement group mentoring sessions together with Fran Fisher, MCC. Not only will this session give you the opportunity to get MCC feedback on yours or learn from feedback from others' agreements, but it will also earn you 1 MCC group mentoring hour (or claim it as a CCEU in Core Competencies towards a credential renewal). You and your clients will notice the difference in as little as one month's time!

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